Yes, we are open on Labor day, Monday 9/2.  Let's celebrate all workers who are contributing to our country's well-being at Momo Mee restaurant.  Chef Tony Ho and his staff welcome you.

Happy Hour at Momo Mee's Bar:  Monday - Friday 3 pm - 5 pm.  See Happy Hour page for specials.

Our outdoor patio dining is available, weather permitting.  We have 12 tables seating 4 people per table.

Xiao long bao or soup dumpling originated in Changzhou in the year of Daoguang Emperor, 1820 to 1850. --Wikipedia.  

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Miso Ramen-Chashu pork belly-chicken stock-soft egg-corn, bean sprouts-garlic-black sesame oil

"From a world of dumplings to Szechuan wings to steamed buns, Momo Mee delivers on food and ambience."

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Shepherd Express


 "The xiao long bao, served right from the bamboo steamer."  If you have never eaten Xiao long bao before, read this Shepherd Express Drawn to Dumplings at Momo Mee.   "Dumplings are the star attraction."

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Momo Mee Restaurant

110 East Greenfield Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204, United States

(414) 316-9003