Reservations are accepted for Mother's Day celebration.

We have free parking in front of our restaurant:

If you are heading South on 1st st, go pass Mineral & Washington streets, turn left immediately right after you PASS Sherwin-Williams store on your left, and then turn right to Momo Mee.

If you are heading North on 1st street, go pass Greenfield Ave, turn right into a parking lot BEFORE passing Sherwin-Williams store, and then turn right to Momo Mee.

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 He'll also make dumplings such as Shanghai soup dumplings (xiao long bao); they'll be served traditionally, with fresh ginger and black vinegar. (Momo are dumplings, mee are noodles.) 

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 "The ultimate focus of Momo Mee's is to serve up fresh and flavorful fare that is also authentic and high quality " -noodles in Milwaukee -dumplings in Milwaukee -Momo Mee Restaurant in Milwaukee

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 "...you want to really take your time and enjoy what you're eating." 

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Momo Mee Restaurant

110 East Greenfield Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204, United States

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