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Tony Ho, Owner and Executive Chef


“I want people to experience delicious and flavorful food …people should walk out knowing they just experienced something great.” -Tony Ho

Chef Tony Ho was born in Hong Kong, a city richly influenced by many different cultures and cuisines. He grew up appreciating the diversified cuisines of China, Great Britain, French, German, Italian and Japan. One of his most memorable moments was living in Japan at a young age in which he fondly recalls tasting Italian food for the first time. Japan opened his eyes to how ingredients in food can be trans-cultural. 

Chef Tony Ho’s experiences span over three decades working and owning his own restaurants, Roma Pasta Bistro, Shanghai Gourmet and two locations specializing in Japanese food, Kyoto. He spent the last 13 years crafting his work and building a home as a chef around the Milwaukee area.

His passion is bringing people together through delicious food.